About Warmoscomputers

Where it all began

Warmoscomputers started its life in suburban Liverpool in late 2004, as the idea behind creating a computer repair business, repairing laptops, desktops and servers in the Liverpool and surrounding areas. Warmoscomputers started off small, getting by on the jobs that they where under taking. It was late 2011, when Warmoscomputers owner James Walmsley decided that the Warmoscomputers brand and services should be taken to a wider audience. The Company Warmoscomputers Ltd, was officially registered in November 2011, and work began on expanding the Warmoscomputers services beyond computer repair to many more new and exciting services. January 2013 saw the first lot of new services were offered and a band new website and corporate look was launched. Initially the new site launched offering value for money web hosting packages (a philosophy we still adhere to today offering value for money services) .

The Future

Now with 2014 upon us, Warmoscomputers finds itself in a very exciting time, with the addition of a new part owner and director of the company, Laura Winrow, but also a new vision for the future in offering new combined services in web designing and hosting but also offering the support of desktops. laptops and servers. This by the middle of 2014 is hoped to be rolled out further than Liverpool and the surrounding areas. To coincide with all the changes happening on the ownership front and service front it was decided that it was time to bring a fresh new look not only to Warmoscomputers Ltd, but also to our website which using the latest technology has brought a fantastic new look.


For up to date news and changes to Warmoscomputers Ltd and Warmoscomputers.co.uk, check out our news section Here! and also our new news archive page Here!

Warmoscomputers Ltd registered in England and Wales Company No:07829845, VAT Registration Number: GB160489010.